Immediate, professional care could save your horse’s vision. As part of your horses’ annual visit, Professional Equine can examine and diagnose equine ocular diseases or injury.

Equine ophthalmic exams can uncover corneal ulcerations, corneal infections, and inflammatory diseases. Pressure readings with a Tonopen are also available for horses’ with or suspected of glaucoma. Remember, the eye is a very sensitive and fragile part of your horse’s body. It can be a tremendous source of pain and discomfort when injured or affected by disease.

When dealing with a potential problem with your horse’s eye:

  • Do not wait to seek veterinary attention if your horse’s eye is tearing, red, swollen, squinting, has a cloudy appearance, or incurred an injury of the eyelid.
  • Do not apply any medication to an eye that was not prescribed to do so.
  • Call us right away!


Although primary glaucoma exists in the horse, the secondary form appears to be most common. Trauma, lens luxation, and particularly uveitis are known causes of secondary glaucoma in the horse. Treating glaucoma in the horse, as in other species, is challenging. Because of the propensity for uveitis to be a predisposing factor, oral and topical anti-inflammatory therapy is often indicated. Left untreated, blindness is the final outcome due to permanent damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma in the horse is being recognized with increased frequency. See here for more information:

Call Professional Equine Therapeutic Services at 360-794-5409 to learn more!

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