Brand Inspections, Coggins Test and Health Certificates

Did you know that in order to leave the state you will need a brand inspection certificate, coggins blood test and a health certificate?

Though each state has its own requirements, they are mandatory and if you are stopped while hauling your horse (or having someone else haul it for you) and do not present the proper documents, you are risking huge fines, extensive detainment and possible non-entry into the state to which you are traveling to.

Scheduling an appointment for this purpose needs some thought as to the timing of your departure, so calling well in advance is critical to ensure a smooth trip for you and your horse.

The appointment will entail:

  • a blood draw for the coggins test
  • a quick exam of your horse‚Äôs general health
  • and documents to prove ownership for the brand inspection-whether your horse has an actual brand or not.

These documents include the current registration papers showing you are owner, to a Bill Of Sale from whom ever owned the horse prior to your ownership, and indicating you as the rightful new owner. A full sided picture, from top of head to feet (either right or left side) will also be needed if you request a Life time brand inspection-versus an annual inspection.

Please contact our office for any questions or for further clarification to your particular situation and/or destination.

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